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  • We recommend that tight-fitting attire is most suitable for class. You will need a bottle of water for refill and your towel!
  • We provide all Yoga props (mats, pillows, straps, bricks etc.), drinking water, mosquito repellent, a green view and plenty of fresh air!
  • Please come to the Barn 15 minutes before class starts for check in.
  • It's a good idea to arrange a return pick up with your driver 10 minutes after class!

Morning Yoga

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  9:00-10:30

This gentle flowing class is a perfect soft work out, to awaken mind, body and soul with asanas, pranayama and meditation to ease you into a blissful day with a wide smile.

Drawing from Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Anusara styles, the teacher offers plenty of variations to suits your level of ability.

Yin - Restorative

Wednesday 17:00-18:30

The class is designed for people of any age and those requiring restorative exercise on pre existing injuries. 

This practice starts with a long guided relaxation.  Then we use belts, blocks, pillows and mats to fully support the body during long held poses that focus on hips, spine and shoulders.

This is a gentle healing practice to restore your natural energy flow, highly recommended against stress and tensions of body, mind and soul.

Sunset Flow

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  17:00-18:30

Everybody is invited to follow their own rhythm and pace for the last greeting to the Sun before the sky turns dark.

This class starts with an energetic pace and finishes with calming and grounding asanas.

Private Yoga Class

( max 90 minutes class, Ph.P. 1500 single student, Ph.P. 3000 up to 3 students )

This is an active class, to connect with your body, breath and energy.

The practice starts with Pranayama breath work, followed by 9 rounds of Sun Salutation A, standing poses, forward folds, back bends, twists, inversions and a final guided Savasana.

Please tell us your level of ability to tailor a sequence just for you!

 Let us know if you prefer to practise any of the other listed style!