What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?   Intern Volunteering program at Yoga Barn Panglao, Panglao Island, Bohol, The Philippines

Volunteering at The Yoga Barn

At the Yoga Barn Panglao we believe that each person, in or out of the Yoga path, has to practice Service (Seva) and Self Study (Svadhyaya) for its own growth.

The Yoga Barn Panglao opens its gates to anybody that want to share. Through our volunteer programs we encourage and support the self study of practitioners of all levels of experience. We exchange non yoga skills for free classes.

~Teaching is learning, sharing is growing.~


~Guest Volunteer~

- from September 2017 only - 

Whether you're an experience teacher, an artist, gardener, carpenter, electrician or a digital and social media guru, we welcome all to come and share your passions and skills at The Yoga Barn Panglao. We offer an exchange of your skills with free Yoga practice throughout your time with us.

No minimum volunteering time is necessary.

We appreciate some notice .   


~ Intern Volunteer Program ~

- from September 2017 only -

Are you a newly certified Yoga Teacher? Do you need more practice and still feel "shy" leading a class? Or perhaps you need experience for you CV?

As an intern volunteer, you will use the facility of The Yoga Barn to strengthen and widen your daily practice of Yoga, Meditation and Contemplation. 

You will set a program with your Tutor(s), participate to daily classes and workshops of senior in-house teacher(s). These teachers will support you as you increase your confidence and growth, and will share their experience and advice throughout your journey. 

Minimum one month commitment and some advance notice is necessary.

You will teach a minimum of 10 classes ( 60 or 90 minutes) within 4 weeks plus you can offer private one-one beginners class or even your own signature yoga class as a special event.

At the end of your program we will write a short article about your experience with us to share on our social media platforms and will write you  a letter of recommendation as reference for your CV.

Please notice that expenses like food, accommodation, transport and visa will not be provided by the establishment or your Tutors, but they will help you to find what suits your budget best .